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Abilene Pizza is a male character and is a primary character in Minibellies. Abilene is the boyfriend of Alyx Codfish.

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Abilene is an evil boy who has fun doing mischief and wickedness in Tighlzz High. He is mischievous, cruel and very malicious, delighting in bullying and mischief to other students. Abilene is also Alyx Codfish's boyfriend and is also his follower and how this is intended to intimidate those who mess with him or Alyx Codfish. He is also very prone to fury attacks when he is angry. Abilene is also out of control and may be as obsessed with power and popularity as Alyx Codfish, while Alyx is the queen bee, Abilene wants to be Tighlzz High's most feared, fearless and intimidating bully, scaring and shaving anyone who disturbs her property. and popularity or that of Alyx Codfish. He is vindictive, aggressive and cruel just like Alyx.