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Aspik is the temporary superhero identity of Adrien Agreste, using the Snake Miraculous.


As Aspik, Adrien retains more of his personality as a civilian rather than as Cat Noir. However, despite being still trustworthy and faithful, his crush on Ladybug prevents him from doing a good job fighting Desperada. On a desperate move to impress her as Adrien, he disregards the villain's movements and keeps using his power to get back in time to try to prevent Ladybug from being captured. Eventually, he comes to conclusion he cannot be of any help to her as Aspik and returns the Snake Miraculous to Ladybug.


  • Mister Bug, Aspik and Snake Noir was first revealed in concept art shown at the 2018 Comic Con Experience panel on December 6, 2018.
  • Aspik's name is a version of aspic, the French word for "asp," an archaic name for venomous snakes that inhabited the Nile region that is now believed to refer to the Egyptian cobra.