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August is a baby boy who made his debut in "Befana".


August is a very content, lively, and positive child. He likes to play around with objects and is for the most part well-behaved. However, according to his mother, he can be very stubborn. He has a tendency to cry if he loses his items important to him or doesn't get what he wants, and sometimes he doesn't immediately calm down, as is common for young children. Also adoring sweets, albeit too young to eat them yet, he is enthusiastic when he comes across them, and he wants them. He knows how to be polite, thanking Ladybug and Cat Noir when they return him to his mother.


  • Gigantitan was first revealed in an email response from a Customer Service Representative from TF1 to the MLadyblogFrance Twitter fan account.[1]
  • Gigantitan is so far the youngest human villain to be akumatized by Hawk Moth.
  • He is unintentionally akumatized by Hawk Moth after Adrien's bodyguard suppresses his negative emotions in "Gigantitan".
  • Gigantitan is called "Babyzilla" in the German dub.
  • Gigantitan reappears in the two-part special event "Heroes' Day".[2]
    • Gigantitan also appears in Weredad and Gamer 2.0.