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Cat Blanc is the akumatized villain of Adrien Agreste.


As Cat Blanc, he retains most of his personality as Cat Noir, but in a more twisted way. His flirtatious behavior is used as a facade to get close to his opponents so he can attack them. His love for Ladybug had become more obsessive and, while still showing to care for her, he still tries to get her Miraculous, even if that means destroying her. His temper becomes even more intense, as he tried to destroy the whole galaxy, if not more, in anger for Ladybug not giving him her Miraculous. Also, he started to act like his father when he was Hawk Moth, having his heart go twisted by sadness, despair, and was desperate to get what he wanted despite the price.


  • In "Cat Blanc" reveals that Adrien has a fifth first name which is Athanase.
  • As of "Cat Blanc", Adrien has the most kill counts of all the series, since the titular villain not only cataclysmed and killed Ladybug and Hawk Moth, but the entirety of Earth's inhabitants as a result of his Mega Cataclysm destroying the moon and flooding the entire planet.
  • Cat Blanc is also the first akumatized villain (and by extent character) to kill a member of his own family, since it's shown that Hawk Moth/Gabriel Agreste was cataclysmed and Emilie Agreste may have presumably drowned as a result of Paris' flooding after the moon's destruction (or she may have been simply cataclysmed as well).
  • According to Thomas' tweet on "Cat Blanc", Adrien also broke the record for the longest time a person has been akumatized with it being over the course of a few months.
  • These facts are erased from reality after Ladybug goes back in time to stop her past self from writing her name on the letter that led Adrien to discover her secret identity.