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Cat Noir is the superhero identity of Adrien Agreste.


As Cat Noir, Adrien has the freedom to act however he desires outside of his normal life, letting his wilder side come out. More optimistic and open, he says whatever comes to his mind and has a habit of cracking cat-related jokes and puns. As he said in "Plagg", being Cat Noir is the only time Adrien can be himself. Much of his exaggerated personality, especially his flirtatious behaviour with Ladybug, stems from entertainment such as anime, television, and movies due to his lack of experience with people his age beyond Chloé.

According to Plagg, Adrien often takes after him and is one of his most irresponsible owners in 5000 years, though the latter might be an exaggeration since he also considered him the best "Cat Noir". It is rare for Cat Noir to reveal his vulnerable side, but it does come through at times. Examples of this are when he quietly comments that not all parents are loving, tries in vain to tell Ladybug about his love for her before their transformations wore off, and opens up to Marinette about his struggles in the love department.

Since he became Cat Noir, like Marinette, Adrien has grown in confidence and developed characteristically. This can be seen during the time he lashed out at his father and courageously asked Nathalie if he could bring his friends with him to the wax museum. In his attempts to get Ladybug's attention, as well as interacting with certain other people, he acts cocky and brags, liking to boast about himself in a comedic way.

In "Cat Noir as seen by Marinette", Ladybug describes her partner as "cocky, nosy and a show off". However, Cat Noir very occasionally shows insecurity and compares his abilities to Ladybug or their new partners.

Despite all these traits, Adrien's change to his superhero status doesn't diminish his kindness and concern for others, among his other personality traits, such as his reasonable character and reckless behavior. He usually tries to persuade the supervillains to calm down and stop their rampage before fighting them, when able to do so. While more prone to goofing off, Cat Noir gets serious when it is a lethal situation. He understands that it takes more than just superpowers to be a hero or useful, using his wits to help Ladybug out of a tight spot even without his powers. He also knows how to cheer up his partner during their hardest times and encourages her to try to fight again. Deeply loyal and determined to help others and save the day, he really cherishes being uninhibited by his civilian life as a superhero.

Cat Noir is welcoming and friendly when it comes to accepting new additions to the team, having open arms for Lila in "Volpina" and Rena Rouge in "Sapotis". He is also open to accepting help from others like Alix and Nathaniel during battles, as shown during the time he was reversed from "puss to wuss", becoming a complete coward, contrasting to his brave and confident nature. Like Ladybug, he is good at providing advice to others when they need it. As Cat Noir, Adrien has the people's loyalty, respect, trust, and help when he needs it.

Through spending time with his other allies, Cat Noir like Ladybug; he values their support and help. Thanks to his time as his alter ego and daringly wanting to see outside world, Adrien got to experience something his father may have forgetten the love of others. Starting to feel that Ladybug and others are like his second family.


  • The earliest known appearance of Cat Noir was on the fake cover of Issue #12 of The Mini Menace Ladybug.
  • The name "Chat Noir" is French for "Black Cat." Some sources have called him "Black Cat" instead of Chat Noir or Cat Noir.
  • In the Korean, Hebrew and Serbian versions, Adrien's superhero name is "Black Cat."
  • In the Russian version, Adrien's superhero name is "Super Cat."
  • Cat Noir's legacy is as old as ancient China, as revealed in "Volpina".
  • His responsibilities as a superhero not only include fighting akumatized villains, but also patrolling among many other things.
  • Cat Noir has been turned evil several times so far, having fallen under the influence of Dark Cupid's hate arrows, ending up under the control of The Puppeteer, being affected by Princess Fragrance's perfume, becoming controlled by Despair Bear, then being affected by Zombizou's kiss and lastly being affected by Malediktator's declaration bubbles.
    • Unlike the others, Malediktator didn't use Cat Noir to fight against Ladybug.
  • As Cat Noir and himself, Adrien has been affected the most times by akumatized villains out of the French Miraculous superhero team with a total of 18 times.
  • According to Thomas Astruc in a joking matter, Cat Noir's suit is made of "boyfriend material".
    • The suit is not made of leather but it is the closest material.
    • The ears are made of the same material as the rest of the suit.
    • With that it could be possible that the suit is made of artificial leather or of an alternative for leather.
    • The bell functions as a zipper and was added "because it looks cute."
    • The bell on Cat Noir's suit is a reference to a domestic kitten, conveying his inner desire for a loving home.
  • In "The Collector" reveals that Cat Noir’s tail is detachable.
  • Cat Noir's cat ears and tail are clearly fake. However, they respond to his mood and enhanced senses.
  • During "Dark Cupid", when Cat Noir isn't able to confess to Ladybug because their transformations are about to run out, his ears move down.
  • In "Animan", his cat ears move when he hears Animan coming.
  • Again in "Troublemaker", where he heard the villain's incoming attack.
  • Cat Noir has done many catlike actions, caressing his tail after Ladybug pulled it in "Stormy Weather", Ladybug scratching his chin in "Animan", cleaning himself by licking water off in "Princess Fragrance", purring in "Prime Queen", as well as growling at the villain, Audrey petting and cuddling him, licking his paw and chasing the toilet paper roll and the light of Ladybug's laser pointer, playing with Audrey's necklace and taking naps in "Malediktator". In other episodes he runs on all fours like a cat.
  • In the French version of "Copycat", Cat Noir calls Ladybug "Buginette" (in French, adding "-nette" to the end of a word is a way of showing affection). In the English version, he calls her "Bugaboo."
  • In the French and Korean versions of "The Evillustrator", he called Marinette "Princess". In the English version, he calls her "little lady".
  • In "Sandboy", as himself, Adrien's greatest fear is being trapped alone, and as Cat Noir, his greatest fear is Ladybug hating him.
  • As in "Weredad", Adrien as Cat Noir reveals that this is the first time a girl admits being in love with him.
  • During a Q & A on January 15, 2019, Jeremy Zag confirmed Ladybug and Cat Noir will reveal their identities and that it is already written.
  • Which is done in "Oblivio". Although they were under the case of amnesia from the villain and had forgotten about the reveal once Ladybug restored everything with Miraculous Ladybug.
  • In the same episode it is possible he took pictures of Ladybug with his staff while transformed and when she wasn't looking and the photos transferred from his cat phone to his regular one or he got them from Ladyblog.