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Ceferino Salami is a male character and is a minor character in Minibellies. Ceferino is the father of Verde and Zotico Salami.

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Ceferino is a snobbish, evil and harmful father who encourages his children to commit crimes and is also their leader, while his children serve as his cronies and followers of his plans to harm Aly Jones and his son Coconut Jones, in which they are his enemies. He also tends to punish at least one of his children, usually Zotico if he does not obey his orders, such as killing Aly or Coconut and generally uses threat or fear to force Zotico Salami to obey Ceferino in committing more serious evils. While her daughter Verde, Ceferino is more loving and more patient with her than with Zotico and does not force her into anything, it is possible to say that with her daughter Verde Salami, Ceferino loves to pamper her and do her will, as she is the only woman in the world. family, although he adores her, because rarely in a moment of anger, Ceferino also tends to punish Verde, but putting her as punishment and not having severe treatments as he does with Zotico. Despite his crude temperament, sometimes Ceferino cares deeply about his children and only wants the best for them, if he uses threat or fear to reach Zotico it is to make his son do so that he follows things his way , but still cares and adores his son just as he adores his daughter Verde. He is also vindictive and often threatens to harm Aly and Coconut's friends and that is almost always what motivates him to take his revenge against Aly and Coconut, in addition to Ceferino also being an arrogant, mean and unscrupulous person.

It is revealed that Ceferino is a brutal and feared murderer, as he does not care if he is going to kill someone who is hindering his plans like Coconut or Aly Jones. His children are murderers just like him.