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Chris Lahiffe is Nino's little brother.


Chris is small and funny. He considers himself a big boy, that's why he is capricious and rebellious when Marinette wants to play with him with toys, making him extremely hard to get along with. Despite having a lot of toys, he thinks dolls are for small children, and his toys are different. For this reason, he does not like to watch cartoons intended for younger people and protests when someone says he is too young to play certain games. However the boy is highly curious, hinted by how excited he is at the gifts that Marinette hides from him. He can be skeptical, but if someone doesn't admit to lying after he calls them out, he is quick to believe them. This is shown when he does not believe in the words of Marinette that she is Santa's elf, but believes it soon after calling her out, hoping that the girl will get the perfect gift for him. He hates the term love and thinks it's horrible, but he also knows how to be polite, greeting Ladybug while Cat Noir takes him away.


  • In the French version, Chris is named Noël.
    • Since his debut episode was planned as a Christmas special, the different name is apparently intended to match the episode's name with the holiday theme.
    • This follows suit on the wordplay of Nino's name with Nolife.
  • He is possibly friends with Manon Chamack.
  • He is the first akumatized victim that willingly gives his akumatized object to Ladybug.
  • He's the sixth child to be akumatized, following Manon Chamack, August, Ella and Etta Césaire and Unnamed boy.
    • Additionally, Christmaster's powers are similar to the Puppeteer's, for they both bring toys to life with an akumatized object used to control them.
  • He is the first known akumatized villain that was akumatized by the Future Butterfly Miraculous holder.
  • Timetagger is the third akumatized villain to have time-related powers after Timebreaker and Backwarder.