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Coconut "Nut" Jones is a male character and is a recurring/main character in Minibellies. Coconut is the Icing Maclean's boyfriend and Caramel Backstory's best friend.

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Coconut is also a radical and musical kid who loves to share his talents along with Caramel. He is passionate about Icing and likes to sing or write songs or serenades to conquer Icing. He is also romantic and very affectionate especially for Icing, since they both love each other. He also loves spending time with his best friend Caramel when it comes to complicity, sports or schoolwork or even homework. Coconut is also arrogant, but not to the point of doing an antagonistic act as Caramel does. He is also shown to be very cordial and polite. He also likes Banana and defends or stays with his friend in the absence of Caramel.