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Discord is one of the main characters in the DreamWorks My Little Pony franchise. He is much different from his original counterpart.


  • Name: Discord
  • Race: Draconequus; Harmony Draconequus
  • Cutie Mark: A cotton candy cone with a sun and moon on each side.
  • Age: 10
  • Occupations: Fluttershy's assistant, the Spirit of Chaos (formerly), the Spirit of Peace (currently), vice headmaster of the School for Gifted Youth, co-leader of the Wolves of Wings gang, member of the Mane Group
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Traits: Tomboyish, miraculous, bright, lighthearted, wicked (sometimes), eccentric, friendly, talkative, comedic, shy, insecure, mischievous, trickster, playful, hot-tempered, heroic, helpful, girl-crazy, arrogant, overconfident, prideful, funny, jokester
  • Pet: Halo (pet parrot)
  • Family:
  • Friends/Allies:
  • Enemies:


New Personality[]

The DreamWorks reboot version of Discord is much different from his original counterpart. When first appeared in "The Lift of Chaos", he is the same as his G4 counterpart. That was changed when Spike has a magical outburst that rejuvenates him and erases all of his memories