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Adrien's bodyguard, nicknamed The Gorilla, is Adrien Agreste's bodyguard.


Adrien's bodyguard is a serious, grim, and stoic man who never talks or express any emotions. He takes his job very seriously and is quite protective of Adrien, threatening Simon Grimault when the latter just wanted to shake hands with Adrien. His suspicious nature also thrives outside of his job as he glances at Marinette from a distance because she is talking back to her purse, where Tikki is, in "Guitar Villain". He isn't afraid to stand up to what he considers dangerous to himself or others, like Simon Says and Darkblade, but he becomes fearful in particular cases he is endangered. While not openly genial, the bodyguard obeys his boss Gabriel and Nathalie. He follows through on requests on others, such as delivering Marinette's Christmas gift to Adrien in "Santa Claws".

Underneath Adrien's bodyguard's intimidating exterior, he is shown to be gentle and kind as briefly played with action figure dolls and secretly allowed Adrien's friends into the Agreste mansion in "Party Crasher". He can also be easily moved as seen in "Reflekdoll", when he sees the girls sincerely beg him to allow Adrien to have fun with them.


  • Thomas Astruc and the crew call him "the Gorilla."
    • As revealed in "Adrien's Double Life", Adrien calls him "the Gorilla" because he has a large build and he doesn't talk at all.
    • In "Simon Says", the title character hypnotizes the bodyguard to think he is a gorilla.
    • In the French version of "The Puppeteer", Plagg also refers to him as "The Gorilla", while he simply refers to him as Adrien's bodyguard in the English version.
    • In some languages (including French), "Gorilla" is a slang word used to describe a particularly muscular bodyguard.
  • In "The Bubbler", the bodyguard can be spotted in the sky to the right of Tom Dupain and Sabine Cheng when they are trapped in bubbles.
  • He really likes Christmas.
  • In "Stormy Weather", the bodyguard is helping out Vincent by holding up a reflector during Adrien's photo shoot in the park.
  • Although the car he usually drives appears in "Kung Food", he himself does not.
  • An image showing part of the bodyguard's akumatized form was teased in a sneak peek collage at the Miraculous San Diego Comic-Con 2017 panel.[5]
  • The akuma in "Gigantitan" was intended to akumatize the bodyguard, but it ended up akumatizing August instead.
  • The name of his akumatized form, Gorizilla, is a pun on his nickname and Godzilla. Coincidently, both have Gorilla in their names, representing their strength and power.[6]
  • Gorizilla reappears for the two-part special event "Heroes' Day".
  • In "Oblivio" he is listed as "G." in Adrien's cellphone, though this is likely short for "Gorilla".
  • Gorizilla reappears in "Gamer 2.0" because of Gamer's powers.