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Master Wang Fu (Chinese:王富 Wáng Fù) or Master Fu Wang (in western order) was a healer, the Great Guardian of the Miraculouses and the last known remaining guardian from the Order of the Guardians. He gave Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste their Miraculouses to stop Hawk Moth and his villains' evil-doings. With the Turtle Miraculous, when inhabited by Wayzz, Master Fu transforms into a turtle-themed superhero.


Master Fu is a wise, gentle, and respectful man who is dedicated to keeping Miraculouses out of the wrong hands to maintain balance. He recognizes good heroes as kind, helpful individuals who put others before themselves. Because of his mistake, he is very careful about handing out other Miraculouses to the right people. Fu doesn't consider himself old as believes that he is young compared to their constant companions (who are thousands of years old), but he is still aware of when he can't fix a major issue without help. He can get angry with those who go behind his back or doesn't ask for his permission on occasion, but he also forgiving towards those who admit their mistake.

While he is serious when it comes to his work as a healer and a guardian, Fu can be lighthearted and likes jokes, often slightly teasing Marinette.

According to Marinette, Fu has a bit of a forgetful memory, like when he lost his keys, most likely owing to his old age.

Like Marinette as Ladybug, Fu is known to be cautious and careful, using a false name even before Hawk Moth knew his true name or appearance. He prefers to keep himself and his purpose a secret from most people, aware that villains may come after him or the Miraculouses in the box if he finds out about him. Usually, he doesn't allow people whom he has given Miraculous to meet him unless there is a special reason.


  • In an old synopsis, Wang is described as the Guardian of the Orb, but Thomas Astruc denounced it as an older concept of him.
  • At a licensing show in Korea, the Ladybug and Cat Noir journals were available. An attendee took a picture of a mysterious figure watching Marinette and Adrien in the park from a journal. When asked who the figure was, Wilfried Pain replied that he is Master Fu.
  • Wang Fu is 186 years old, making him the oldest known human character in the series.
    • His longevity isn't linked to his Miraculous, but to his lifestyle.
  • Wang Fu is the only known Miraculous holder to not have been seen transformed in both Season 1 and Season 2.
    • In "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)" and "Feast", Fu attempts to transform, but his back gives out before he succeeds.
  • Currently, he is the only human to know the secret identities of both Ladybug and Cat Noir because he gave them their Miraculouses.
  • Wang will make an appearance in "The Chinese Legend", although his role in the special is unknown.
  • As of "Sapotis", Hawk Moth is shown to be aware of Master Fu's existence as a Guardian in Paris.
    • However, he is not aware that Mr. Chan (aka Wang Fu) is the guardian.
      • Until "Backwarder" when he learns Master Fu's name after akumatizing Marianne Lenoir, although Hawk Moth is unaware that Master Fu goes by the alias "Mr. Chan".
  • In "Sandboy", his nightmare is that ghosts of the Guardian of the Miraculous will accuse him of burning down the temple and losing the Peacock and Butterfly Miraculouses.
  • During a Q & A on January 15 2018, Jeremy Zag confirmed Master Fu will pass on the Miracle Box to another character, which is later revealed in "Backwarder" to be Marinette.