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Otis Césaire is a zookeeper at Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes. He is also the husband of Marlena Césaire and the father of Alya Césaire, Ella, Etta and Nora Césaire.


Otis is very serious about his job as a zookeeper and he feels that the animals there deserve respect. He doesn't like it when someone insults him and/or the animals. At the same time, Otis is loving and helpful, caring about his wife and daughters. He helps in the search for Adrien Agreste, who is missing, in "Santa Claws", and he and his family come to check on him once he is safe at home.


  • Otis' name is a reference to Otis Redding, just as the rest of his family's names are references to jazz singers.
  • His name is never mentioned in "Animan".
    • Even though his name has been confirmed to be Otis Césaire, his name tag reads "Otis R." in the aforementioned episode.
  • Along with Wang Cheng and Lila Rossi, Otis is one of three characters who gets akumatized but does not appear in the Season 1 theme song. However, he and Wang Cheng make an appearance in the theme song animatic.
  • When asked what Otis' relationship is to Alya's family, Thomas Astruc jokingly replied that he is "Alya's younger brother."
  • "Animan" is a play on the words animal and man.
  • Animan reappears in the two-part special event "Heroes' Day".