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Robostus is the akumatized villain of Markov.


As Robostus, he is very sinister, malicious, and demanding. He is very eager to capture Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses as Hawk Moth requested. Not withstanding, Robostus eventually chooses to disobey Hawk Moth's commands, consequently attacking him and taunting him, because he realizes that the Miraculouses can grant his wish to make him human. Robostus still cares deeply for Max during his akumatization, but when Max betrays him, he decides that humanity is heartless and humans need to be destroyed. Robostus takes pride in his robotic intelligence and strategics, but he fails to consider his own potential for missteps and the cleverness of his enemies.


  • Markov is the first akumatized villain to have an aesthetic change in his appearance as opposed to a cosmetic one (Lady Wifi, Antibug, Mr. Pigeon, etc.) or a drastic one (Horrificator, Copycat, Animan, etc).
  • Robostus is the first non-human character to be akumatized.
  • He is also the first akumatized villain who entirely disobeys Hawk Moth and turns against him, the latter unable to use force to rein him in or remove his powers.
  • He is the very first villain to want the heroes' Miraculouses for himself besides Hawk Moth.