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Santa Claws is the akumatized villain of Santa Claus.


As Santa Claws, he is menacing, bitter, and cruel. He gets revenge on those who he dislikes or who harmed him with terrifying gifts, and he enjoys singing songs to proclaim his evil gifts. Despite his villainous nature, Santa Claws holds nothing against Adrien, wanting to avenge both Adrien and himself, and he likes getting gifts and praise for being a frightening villain.


  • His French villain name is Pire Noël, which literally translates to "Worst Christmas".
  • It's also a pun on Santa's name in France, Père Noël, which translates to "Father Christmas", one of the names for Santa Claus.
  • Unlike with other akumatized villains, his supervillain name is based on his actual name, but with the letter "W" replacing the letter "U".
  • In the "Christmas Special" Santa Claws is merely a man who dresses like Santa, whereas in "Christmaster" The real Santa Claus is present.
  • Santa Claws appears another time in "Gamer 2.0" for Gamer's powers.