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Sass is the kwami who is connected to the Snake Miraculous. With his power, Sass' wearer can use the Ouroboros bracelet to transform into a snake-themed superhero. He is currently dormant in his Miraculous in Master Wang Fu’s Miracle Box, as seen in "Sapotis". He was used temporary by Adrien Agreste turned him in Aspik, a snake themed superhero and later, he was used by Luka Couffaine turned him in Viperion.


Sass is the defacto leader of the kwamis in the Miracle Box, meaning he is mature, charming, calm and serious.


  • Sass was first revealed from a second season trailer on August 31, 2017.[8]
  • Snakes are symbols of rebirth, patience, intuition, and healing, among other things.
  • The snake is the sixth animal of the Chinese zodiac.
  • Sass appears to be the leader of the kwamis inside the Miracle Box. 
  • Due to his hood and the black diamond pattern on his back, Sass appears to be based on both cobras and eastern or western diamond-backed rattlesnakes.
  • According to an official book of ambiguous canon, Sass' concept is Intuition.