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Timetagger is the future and second akumatized villain of Chris Lahiffe, who is teenager in future.


As Timetagger, he is incredibly arrogant and conceited in his own abilities, and is fond of taunting his enemies. He shows little to no concern about how his actions will affect others or history in general, sending people back in time at random and even tormenting Bunnyx by banishing her to various different time periods. He is even willing to manipulate Hawk Moth as part of his scheme, making him believe that he was sent by his future counterpart to get the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses for him in the past, only to double-cross him by revealing that he wasn't the one who sent him at all.


  • He is the first known akumatized villain that was akumatized by the Future Butterfly Miraculous holder.
  • Timetagger is the third akumatized villain to have time-related powers after Timebreaker and Backwarder.