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Xavier-Yves Roth, better known as XY, is a famous pop star and Jagged Stone's biggest rival in the music making business. He is Chloé's favorite singer, as stated in "Guitar Villain". His father is the producer Bob Roth.


XY is arrogant, vain, and rude, believing himself to be the best and looking down at anyone who isn't as popular as him. He carelessly insults his rivals in the music industry, and he doesn't take warnings seriously, even when they come from the superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir. When his life is being threatened, though, he freaks out and loses his overconfident nature. He is also lazy as he does not even try to do anything original or work related, believing it's easier to let someone else do all the work and then take the credit.


  • In the Serbian dub, Jagged and XY are voiced by the same voice actor, Mateja Vukašinović.
  • His name is a reference to the musician Jay Z.
  • XY is very popular, being at #1 on the sales chart.
  • Because of this, Bob Roth wants to base the cover of Jagged Stone's upcoming album after XY's album, Number One, and his promotional artwork.
  • However, when Jagged Stone releases his album Rock Giant, he overthrows XY as #1 in sales.
  • XY can be seen as a caricature of Justin Bieber in his early career, especially with his purple color scheme, youthful facial features (Jagged refers to him as a "baby"), rude tendencies, and repetitive yet catchy pop tunes.
  • He is Chloé's favorite musician.
    • Speaking of Chloé, XY seems to be her male counterpart, as both were arrogant and vain people who think highly of themselves and lowly of others as of the first season. But Chloé, unlike XY, is shown to gradually redeem herself and be more good and likable, while XY is still arrogant and rude.
      • However, Chloé eventually becomes even more unlikable than she was initially in "The Battle of the Miraculous", where she becomes Hawk Moth's ally of her own free will and even allows him to akumatize her.
  • His music mainly consists of beats and techno music rather than consisting of lyrics.
  • In "Captain Hardrock", he can be seen at the Place de la Concorde and he has been setting his concert there.
  • In "Silencer", it is revealed that his actual name is Xavier-Yves.