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Zotico Salami is a male character and is a primary character in Minibellies. Zotico is the son of Ceferino Salami and the older brother of Verde Salami.

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Zotico is a very impulsive boy and very driven by evil, since he takes pleasure in committing crimes, in addition to conquering the cruelty of his father and himself, because Zotico wants to prove to his father Ceferino Salami that he is more apt to commit murders than his younger sister Verde Salami. He has a good relationship with his father, but Ceferino's punishment in punishing him has tormented or scared him, even though he has mistreated his father's severe and cruel punishments, Zotico shows that he is still faithful to his father and that he is willing to help you harm Aly and Coconut Jones. He also serves as a bully for Coconut Jones, in which he likes to implicate him with very heavy nicknames. Zotico is also arrogant and spoiled, despite being less spoiled than his sister, Zotico is also much adored and loved by his father Ceferino who despite the severe punishments he takes when Zotico disobeys and makes him afraid, cares deeply about Zotico and Zotico cares deeply about their father, despite being afraid of punishments, as he never reacted in anger or upset with the punishments, on the contrary, Zotico always reacted with fear. He is also a murderer who also tries to kill Coconut Jones, to take his place and manipulate people like Caramel Backstory, Icing Maclean and Banana Dupont by his side. He is sometimes jealous of his younger sister Verde Salami, because Ceferino spoils her more, but even so Zotico likes her and is willing to protect her and cares deeply for her, even willing to teach her how to. use heavy weapons for her to shoot and kill anyone in her path.